goodbye to a first-born son

I never thought I’d see the day
but I did
It always seemed so so far away
here it is
I really didn’t know what to say
to you kid
When the day finally came

Goodbyes are always a little rough
on everyone
But this one will be especially tough
on me, son
Though you’ll be close enough
you’ll be gone
It will seem so far

You became a man a while ago
and I saw
I would simply have to let go
of it all
trying to tell you everything I learned
from grandpa
But my time is done

I have just a few dozen more things
left to say
But not enough time to tell you
‘fore the day
And most of it I really don’t
need to say
Cos you know it well

Be a kind man in your word and deed
Give your love to those who are in need
You don’t have to be right, only freed
From the fear of being wrong

I hope all I have been as a Dad
Has done some good, and not much bad
You know you’re the first son I’ve had
And I stumbled some

So this blessing comes straight
from my heart
Knowing that you’re making
a strong start
And that father’s love will never
fall apart
Unless we let it

So go, let the road always meet you
And as you go, may grace always greet you
When you come by, I will always meet you
With open arms, for my son.

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  1. Very nicely said. That is probably one of the hardest moments as a parent. Not sure how I would have handled it or tell her when she would leave home. I just hope that I would be as strong as you when my time comes.

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