Dream Test Score

Your Dream Test Score

Congratulations on taking the Dream Test! An honest self-appraisal is invaluable in bringing about the changes that you want to see in your journey to achieving your dream!

There’s one more thing you may want to do — perhaps you should give friends and family a copy of the test and let each of them answer the questions about you! Entirely optional, of course.

To Score Your Dream Test

Your Dream Test has 10 sections, and each section can have up to a maximum of 10 points. Let’s See How you did!

Section 1: This section is all about the Ownership Question.

The Ownership Question is … “Is this dream really my dream?” Often we pursue goals and objectives in our life because of someone else’s expectations… parents, school teachers, friends, mentors…. Although the people around us are certainly valuable in helping us sort out and discover our dream — and even in achieving our dream — our dream should be our own. If you scored 9-10 in this section, then you’re pretty solid… this is YOUR dream. If you scored less than 8, you need to ask yourself:

  • Whose expectations am I trying to meet?
  • If those people released me of their expectations, what would I pursue?

Section 2:  The Clarity Question: Do I Really See My Dream?

If you scored 9-10 in this area, you see your dream pretty well. If you scored less than 8, consider:

  • Writing and re-writing a concise sentence that describers your dream until you can repeat it with confidence at any time.

Section 3: The Reality Question: “Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?”

If you scored 9-10 in this area, congratulations. If you scored 8 or less, then you may be counting on some factors that are simply outside of your control and put your dream at risk. Consider:

  • An honest inventory of your strengths and talents. Does your dream leverage them?
  • A list of your habits and daily schedule items — are they moving you toward your dream?

Section 4: The Passion Question: Does my dream move me forward?

If you scored 9-10 in this area then ssssssssssst! Hot! You’re on fire! 8 or less?

  • How can you stoke the fire of your passion for your dream?
  • WHO can stoke the fire of your passion toward your dream?

Section 5: The Pathway Question: Do I have a written strategy to achieve my dream?

If you scored a 9-10, then you’re a master planner! 8 or less? Consider

  • writing out the big steps that have to happen, in order, for your dream to come about.
  • Share your plan with at least one or two people who can give you wise feedback.

Section 6:  The People Question: Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?

Nothing gets done by one person alone. If you scored 9-10 on this, you probably have your A-team assembled. 8 or less? Consider:

  • Who or what kind of persons do you need to help you?
  • Who or what kind of persons do you need to leave behind?

Section 7:  The Cost Question: Am I Willing to Pay the Price for my Dream?

If you scored 9-10 on this, then you’ve already invested heavily. Less than 8? Consider:

  • Count the cost — write down all the ways in which investment will be required… money, time, priorities.
  • Brainstorm some ideas to find, acquire or generate the resources you’ll need to invest.

Section 8: The Tenacity Question: Am I moving closer to my dream?

If you scored 9-10 — you’re like a bulldog clamped down on a good chew toy! Less than 8? Consider:

  • Finding a coach who can help you eliminate obstacles and keep you accountable.
  • List the things that you find distracting.

Section 9: The Fulfillment Question: Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?

It’s not just the destination — the journey is important, and should be satisfying. If you scored 9-10, then you’re doing well. 8 or less, then perhaps you should:

  • Evaluate what you’re doing — can it be done differently?
  • Rethink HOW you can move toward your goal with more fun and satisfaction along the way.

Section 10: The Significance Question: Does my dream benefit others?

If you scored a 9-10, then continue to focus on bringing benefits to your world.  8 or less? look for and list ways to :

  • Bring a team of people along with you, who share your dream.
  • Empower others to live their dreams.

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