Superstitions are hard to shake: The power of magical thinking

Do people really believe a jersey is lucky?

I admit that I often take the side of the underdog in when watching sports events, no matter how many fans of the opposite side are in the room. That sometimes gets me blamed for bad mojo, bad plays…

Sports fans are superstitious…When fans wear their lucky shirts on game day, they know it is irrational to think clothing can influence a team’s performance… But they do it anyway.

Researchers finds that even when people recognize that their belief does not make sense, they can still allow that irrational belief to influence how they think, feel and behave. The rest of the story


Obese kids young as age eight show signs of heart disease

Imaging tests of obese children’s hearts showed signs of heart disease, including kids as young as 8 years old. Obese children had 27 percent more muscle mass in the left ventricle of their hearts and 12 percent thicker heart muscles — both signs of heart disease — compared to normal weight children. Forty percent of the obese children were considered ‘high-risk’ because of problems with thickened muscle in the heart as well as impaired pumping ability.
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Joel’s Proverbs 1.10 — Faults

Dogs scratch because they’re being bit, because they have a skin irritation, or because they have an internal infection. The odd behavior of people is often because of something beneath the surface.

Joel’s Proverbs 1.8 — Friendship

Goldfish stay at the bottom of the pond when the temperature drops. Sometimes staying together with close friends is safer and healthier than exploring the cold world alone.