not enough

Would it ever be enough, even if I try
would I ever get through, do more than get by
Would I be enough, be enough for you?

Is there any hope, or the slightest chance
Before the music’s over will I get the dance?
and would it be enough, be enough for you?

Too little of me
I know it’s true
Fading quickly
into the blue

I’m not enough, not enough for you
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3 Replies to “not enough”

  1. Why anyone choose to be so negative? Where is hope? Is that because it is an easier path to give up & think worth of ourselves than pursuing our dreams & what we want. My father always said "To Be happy and go after your dreams and NEVER NEVER give up because later on , you don’t want to say “ I wish ..” and he is a happiest 85 years old man. So get out of being blue & start doing what makes you happy. Isn't that what we should teach our kids?

  2. Life is to short to look at the negative in life everyone should look what is positive and go with that and enjoy what life we have

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