My intent in this is to add value to other people, especially you — whether that effort yields results in your business, in your beyond-business relationships, or even just for you and just in you. I believe that the best way I can do that is to share what I keep learning every day through attempts and shortfalls.

Who I am

Like you, I am a nuanced persona, or — more simply — complicated!  I’ve been shaped by my failures far more than by my successes.  Yet, neither my successes nor my failures define who I am.  Rather, I find that my own clearest idea of who I am is borne out of holding both sides (failure-success, drive-apathy, confidence-doubt, clarity-confusion, wealth-poverty) together in a creative tension.

I am a father of four magnificent adult children who at any given moment are probably on four different continents, each of them adding value to the people and communities around them.  They are my inspiration.

What I’ve done

I’ve worked in publishing, healthcare, technology, and automotive markets — primarily for start up companies, but also for some well-established (100+ year old) and well-respected (Fortune 50) corporations. I’ve had roles from production manager to General Manager, Marketing Director, Account Executive to Account Strategist. For the past 13 years, I’ve been self-employed, operating an independent consultant specializing in marketing strategies.

I’ve written several locally produced children’s musicals, and have composed a bit of poetry and song lyrics, most of which have been self-published online here.

My travel has taken me to most of the 48 contiguous states in America, as well as Denmark, Germany, London, Amsterdam, Sudan, Southern Sudan and Ghana (in Africa serving with Global Business Assist’s microfinance programs, which is now IAS America.

In each of these endeavors, I’ve had some success, and some failure.  From all of those, I have the raw materials needed to “pan for gold” and to share that with others.

What I do now

Professionally, I’d like to think that my role is to help you connect your story (whether a personal or corporate story) to the the people with whom you want to connect. In the context of corporate or personal branding,  a product, or a process, together we define and refine the stories that help you grow. As a John Maxwell Team trainer and coach, I’m available for individual or group consultations, workshops and speaking at  your next event on a variety of life topics including leadership,  spirituality and wellness.

You can see more details on my LinkedIn profile.

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